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Operating in more than 30 countries in the world.
We are your food brokerage partner.

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What we do

As an international brokerage organization, at TRADING SOLUTIONS our main objective is that of assisting our Customers in sourcing and selecting the best manufacturers of specific Food products worldwide, that meet exactly the required criteria and the precise requirements of our Clients.

We work in close contact with a wide, international network of excellent Food Suppliers, selected according to the strictest criteria posed by our Customers.

Services for retailers

Supplier selection.
The most stressful part of launching a new product is selecting the right supplier. Hours of unsuccessful meetings, endless flights from one part of the world to the other, international phone calls that can easily lead to misunderstandings: we take care of all this.
We select only those vendors that we know have the right features and capability of meeting our retail customers' requirements, submitting a range of proposals for you to choose from.

Take control.
We grant direct access to the manufacturers, which means that there are no middle-companies that increase markup on your products, ultimately just adding costs.
When you buy a product from our selected suppliers, you know that you getting the best prices that the suppliers can offer you, based on your exact requirements.

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Services for suppliers

A world-wide sales team.
You need an experienced sales team to find the right markets and customers. Unfortunately, most individuals who are hired within a sales organization do not come to the team with this full set of skills.
We hit the ground running, cutting or eliminating the ramp up time of a new hire, tapping into our worldwide network of connections, helping you identify exactly those customers who are likely to be interested in the products that you have to offer.

Cost control.
No need for you to worry about live costs (company car, mobile phone, travel expenses, etc.): with us the package is clear upfront.

Our Products

We can source any product, depending on what our customers are looking for, from all over the world.
Our current portfolio includes a wide list of ambient and chilled products , among with a full selection of wine and spirits


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